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ANZSCO: 252411


Occupational Therapist


Assessing Authority: OTC


Practical Test Required: No


Live Video Technical Interview: Possible


Challenges in application:

The skills assessment is the first major hurdle, with OTC requiring detailed evidence of qualifications obtained and work history. A live video technical interview is possible in 2012. Be aware that when the visa application is processed, DIAC regularly check on the integrity of documents and applicants found to have submitted falsified documents will be declined in their visa application.


OTC suggest a processing time of 60 working days, but poorly documented initial applications take far longer.


Most clients require an IELTS English test at level 7 (in all 4 components) to claim 10 points and reach the pass mark.


We would also recommend seeking State / Territory Nomination for a quicker and stronger application path.



Occupational Therapist Jobs in Australia


Australia has largely avoided the worst of the global crisis and employment trends for skilled workers have been strong recently.


What you must consider when seeking work in Australia;

  • Is there a shortage of your skill set in Australia?
  • Are you likely to be granted a visa by DIAC?
  • Are you prepared to be flexible in terms of regional preference?
  • Are you going to risk losing an opportunity through a poor application?

We recommend that you call or email us to identify whether you are likely to succeed in your desire to work in Australia or if you are wasting your time. We think it is better to know the truth before wasting time and money on a "wild goose chase."


12 month Working Holiday Visa

This is a path for some UK citizens under 31 to spend up to 12 months (normally) working in Australia, but there are some restrictions and it is not designed to be a path for people wishing to migrate to Australia. Call us if this is what you seek clarification upon.


Realities of Working in Australia


If you do not have a permanent visa, then you have to be sponsored by an employer in Australia to get a temporary visa. And they have to get permission to sponsor you from DIAC. This is not easy!


We suggest you first seek a permanent visa which allows you to apply for any job, as would an Australian. See if you qualify for an Australian Permanent Visa now.


If not, then we have many corporate businesses seeking skilled workers and who have permission to bring in foreign workers to fill their vacancies. Send us your c.v. or call us and we will advise you of your best option.


UK versus Australia Occupational Outlook Information


The UK unemployment rate is 8.3%, compared to Australia's 5.2% at the end of 2011. The prognosis for employment appears more positive down under than in Europe for the next few years. Investment from the Chinese (the country actually with money to invest) is increasing in Australia and they show no interest whatsoever in Europe.


Australia offers great opportunity to skilled workers and some real job security for the future.


See this link for more information about your occupation in Australia

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More than 20 years of helping South Africans move to Australia - Our fees are about 50% of the average charged by Agents in RSA - Call now for personal advice in English or Afrikaans.

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Unknown Australia

Things you didn't know about Australia

  1. Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke is in the 1954 Guinness Book of World Records for drinking 2.5 pints of beer in just 11 seconds. 
  2. Australia has more beaches than any other nation, exceeding 10,000 in total.
  3. Astonishingly Australia “lost” another of their prime ministers. Harold Holt went for a dip in the sea, near Melbourne in 1967, and was never seen again. Appropriately he has a swimming pool named after him. 
  4. For a society built on the remains of a penal colony, Oz has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. 

Pom - the origin of the word!

An enduring myth is that the word pom (as in whinging pom and other more colourful expressions) is an acronym from either "Prisoner of His Majesty" or even "Permit of Migration", for the original convicts or settlers who sailed from Britain to Australia.

The first recorded use of pom comes from 1912, which is quite - but not unnaturally - early for an acronym. Equally playfully, a Jimmy Grant morphed around 1912 into pomegranate and immediately into pom, which it has stuck as till today

There is no historical documentation to support these myths (rather like the disproved theory that posh derives from tickets for the upmarket cabins on the old P&O liners - port out, starboard home). Instead the etymology is apparently more circuitous.

We start with the word immigrant, well-established by the mid-19th Century as a settler. In a joking way people would play with immigrant from around 1850 or so, turning it into a proper name (Jimmy Grant), to give the strange immigrants a pseudo-personality.

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Go to our Australian Skills Assessments page here and see if your occupation is on the SOL (skilled occupation list). This page will take you to information for your occupation and provide useful information on how you can apply to live and work in Australia.

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